April Fools’ Ideas


Image of April Prank for Office.

It is approaching that time of the year when everybody is weary of; April Fools’ Day. You have to watch your back all the time. You dare not believe anything anyone tells you. You’re frightened every time you go around a corner because anything could happen.

If his is the way you spend the first day of April every year, it is time things changed. Instead of being the victim, why not have some fun this year and take your friends and family along for the ride.


It is not certain how April Fools’ Day came to being. However, pranks and tricks have been played on this date for centuries.
There are even records of funny fools’ day pranks that date back as early as the 1580’s. If you want to have a fun filled April Fools’ Day this year, you can pick a few ideas from past April Fools’ kings and queens and make a few modifications
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April Fools’ Day jokes


Every one day in a year we are given the license to be children again. We are allowed to have fun. We are given the freedom to test our ingenuity and have a good laugh at the same time. April Fools’ Day is the only time of year when anything goes as long as no one is harmed.
It’s a great time to make memories and drive each other crazy. If you are always the victim of pranks and jokes on April Fools’ Day, here are a few ideas of how you can be the king or queen of this year’s April Fools’ Day.  

A good April Fools’ Day joke should be clever and believable. Your victim should be totally drawn in by the time you yell out ‘April Fools’’. Make sure that the person you are playing the joke on has a good sense of humor or else there are chances [...]

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